Birmingham, AL

    1830 29th Ave South

   Homewood, AL 35209



   Open daily at 5pm


Oxford, MS

   713 North Lamar

    Oxford, MS 38655



    Open daily at 5pm

    No reservations. Ask about booking

    our private garden table for special



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    @ 2012 jinsei sushi

Jinsei was founded by John Cassimus in 2006.

Offering only the finest fish flown in daily from all over the world, Jinsei Sushi is a contemporary Japanese restaurant with a modern atmosphere and a casual twist. From the moment you walk in you feel the vibe as if you were at one of New York or L.A.’s hottest spots, and Jinsei lives up to rave reviews it gets from all across the country!

The succulent sushi and cold & hot dishes served at Jinsei are second to none. For starters, the Tempura Green Beans melt in your mouth. The Kadoma Tuna is the signature dish and the most popular item on the menu. Kadoma deep fries sushi rice in a disk and allows it to cool to room temperature and tops it with spicy tuna, thin slices of avocado, jalapeno and a little flying fish roe. Jinsei’s Specialty Sushi Rolls, known for being the freshest in town, are all filled with exploding flavor. The Jinsei Special Roll (tuna, yellowtail, masago, jalapeno, cilantro, cucumber, avocado) and the Shachihoko Roll (tempura shrimp, crab, avocado, unagi, tobiko) are among the most popular sushi selections. Amongst the Hot Dish favorites are the Kobe Beef Baby Burgers with tempura vegetables, River rock Kobe beef and the Rock Shrimp Tempura garnished with a shitake mushroom.

Jinsei’s drink selections fit right in with its urban atmosphere. Don’t miss out on the vibrant specialty cocktails like the Cucumber Mojito (muddled cucumber & mint, rum, melon liqueur) or a Strawberry Margarita (premium tequila, fresh strawberries, & fresh sour mix). They also have a vast array of the excellent champagnes, wines, and sake.

Owner John Cassimus, has carved up the ultimate experience combining the finest food and vibrant atmosphere in Birmingham. Jinsei is open seven days a week for dinner, and closes only after the last guest has been fed.

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